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Free Web Hosting for Students: The Top 10 Budget-Friendly Providers

    Free Web Hosting for Students – Nowadays, you don’t have to be a business magnate to create your own website. That is something that anyone can do. A student may develop a website for an online portfolio, a business, or both as part of a course or as a side project. The question is how to approach it. Part of the challenge is locating the best student web hosting.

    The abundance of options offered may give you a headache. Is free web hosting for students adequate? Which carriers have the lowest prices? How can I get the greatest price?

    We’ve sought to make your job easier by emphasizing some key areas. Furthermore, we have already selected Free Web Hosting for Students. Let us examine them more closely.

    Top 10 Free Web Hosting for Students

    Free Web Hosting for Students

    Here are the top 10 free web hosting for students

    1. InterServer

    Students can get a year of free server hosting from InterServer. You can sign up using your student email address, followed, or you can contact the company directly.

    A free plan for students gives a robust bundle, including unlimited bandwidth, website hosting, storage, and email. In addition, you will receive free backups and an SSL certificate. SSD storage is used to improve performance.

    After a year, the renewal fee is $4 per month. The monthly price for other users will be $2.50 from the start.

    2. InMotion

    Students and educators can take advantage of InMotion’s affordable plans. You can get a shared web hosting account (Power Plan) for up to a 50% discount if you give address or a valid student ID. It’s more than $50 in savings, as the company claims.

    Without the rebate, the cost of such a package for a three-year commitment begins at $4.99.

    InMotion provider, like some other web servers, enables the development of online apps by supporting the Pearl, Python, and Ruby programming languages. Their student deal, on the other hand, includes Ruby on Rails, which, when paired with other technologies, provides the greatest options of any shared package.

    A Linux-based web provider is included in the student plan. To address any questions, the team in the United States is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    3. A2 Hosting

    A2 Hosting offers 20 different types of eLearning software. Omeka (a platform for showcasing exhibits, library, and museum information), Chamilo (a course management system), and Claroline are among them (a collaborative eLearning solution).

    The service frequently touts its advantages in terms of loading speed. Its Turbo plans offer to speed up your website by up to 20 times. Even the most basic Starter bundle includes free CloudFlare CDN (Content Delivery Network).

    As a result, the website’s resources are distributed among multiple servers, which may improve loading speed. According to the testing, the average loading time for A2 Hosting is around 300 ms, which is an excellent result.

    Such speed is offered for a low starting price of $2.99 per month. But, the cost is only available with a 3-year contract.

    4. Namecheap

    Namecheap, a domain registrar, has announced its support for an education provider. Students and educators can get a free domain name by going to Furthermore, people with emails are entitled to a year of access to GitHub Pages and website.

    Softaculous-installer is available to Namecheap customers. As a result, you can quickly install content management systems (WordPress) or forums (MyBB) with a single click.

    A 2-year commitment for the Shared Stellar plan starts at $1.44 per month. It should be noted that managed WordPress hosting is available for $0.01 per month.

    This option appears to be as near to free website hosting for students as feasible. A yearlong contract will cost $1.24 per month to renew (EasyWP Starter).

    5. Wix

    Many web providers provide free basic website builders. Yet, Wix is a leading platform for both provider and drag-and-drop design.

    It’s an excellent choice for individuals who don’t want to deal with technical issues. Wix allows you to create fantastic student blogs or portfolios.

    You get access to hundreds of industry-specific templates, an article knowledge library, and a big App Market. You can concentrate on the content without having to worry about the backend.

    Prices start at $4.50 per month and go up from there. Students, on the other hand, receive a 50% discount on all yearly plans.

    6. Cloudways

    Cloudways provides managed hosting for WordPress and other platforms. The modular hosting bundle is what we enjoy best about Cloudways. You can pick and choose the features you want and mix them to create your own package. This makes it an excellent alternative for low-cost WordPress hosting without losing performance.

    7. Google Cloud

    Google Cloud hosting is essentially free. That is, you begin with a $300 credit. That amount of money will last a long time for many customers who require a free website, even up to (or beyond) a year. Following that, pricing is based on a pay-per-use model. There is also a completely free tier for Google Cloud, but it is somewhat limited, so you’re better off using the premium credits and then paying later.

    Furthermore, you might want to look into Google Sites, which is a solid free option but has a much more limited scope than what Cloud allows you to construct.

    8. WordPress

    While is a self-hosted website builder (you construct your site using WordPress but must find a host elsewhere), provides a similar WordPress experience but also includes hosting. If you use, you can also install our Divi website builder, which transforms WordPress into a powerful design tool that competes with every other website builder on this list.

    9. SiteGround

    SiteGround offers standard web hosting, managed WordPress hosting, and a variety of other hosting services. SiteGround lives up to its reputation for dependability and an easy-to-use control panel, and it is less expensive than most managed WordPress hosting alternatives with comparable capabilities.

    10. Squarespace

    Squarespace is yet another website builder and hosting service. Squarespace, like many of the website builders on our list, is ideal for beginners, with drag-and-drop functionality and attractive themes. Squarespace layouts are clean and professionally designed, but customization choices are restricted.


    To summarize, free website hosting frequently has limitations, but it’s an excellent choice if you’re testing out a hosting company and/or website builder. Or if you’re starting small and will be able to scale up as soon as you require more features.

    If you only need a temporary or one-time site, free hosting can be an excellent option. Otherwise, a low-cost hosting plan would be your best bet. The largest providers usually have more affordable (or at least nicer) options.

    If money is an object to you or your brand, we believe that any of these options will suffice. When it comes to inexpensive WordPress hosting, the strong and most powerful alternatives aren’t typically the most affordable. You can, however, be a success by selecting the greatest one for you. And any of the hosts on this list should be able to accommodate you.


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