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Best WordPress Hosting Reddit – 2023

    I’ve ranked the following Best WordPress Hosting Reddit based on which ones I’d pick if I were a brand-new blogger with no money.

    As a result, affordability takes precedence over scalability. Having said that, I’ve also included premium hosts in this list for customers who need to support a large number of monthly users. You can also check my article on Best Hosting Website for student

    In addition, I used a lot of Reddit user feedback to create this post. So, let’s dive into business.

    7 Best WordPress Hosting Reddit – 2023

    1. Google Cloud Platform

    Best WordPress Hosting Reddit

    Google Cloud Platform is literally the best of both the cheap and the expensive worlds. Why is Google Cloud Platform superior?

    They provide a free $350 credit for signing up (free hosting for the first year).

    After that, it’s less than $20 per month. It’s roughly $50/m if you run the load balancer.

    It can manage a massive quantity of traffic. It’s quite effective.

    This is used on the backends of all “premium” hosts out there.

    What’s the disadvantage? If Linux commands intimidate you, this option will make your life a living nightmare. I would not recommend this choice to anyone who does not have a technical background (or who does not want to learn).

    That said, if you think it’s the choice for you, this guy’s step-by-step instruction makes it straightforward to set up.

    2. DreamHost

    Best WordPress Hosting Reddit

    On Reddit, Dreamhost has a high reputation for web hosting. Quick loading, consistent support, simple navigation, free SSL, and pretty much everything you need to get your website up and running online. Furthermore, the pricing is quite competitive.

    3. SiteGround

    Best WordPress Hosting Reddit

    SiteGround has the top reviews, according to Reddit. Nevertheless, they are introductory prices; they will raise the prices in your blog’s second year. This is identical to how all of these hosting services work (although some options will let you lock in introductory prices for multiple years vs. 1 year).

    For the price, Siteground has a really good feature set. I dislike how the initial offerings are limited by pageviews (and you may be running to switch hosts if you blow past it). But, aside from that, what else could you possibly want from your WordPress hosting?

    And if you only start with the $10/m plan, that’s $120 in hosting per year (in year 1). And it’s improbable that you’ll ever surpass 400,000 monthly visits. So you’re prepared for the future (well, at least until the introductory offer expires after a year).

    4. BlueHost

    Best WordPress Hosting Reddit

    I’m going to get a lot of flak for putting Bluehost so high on my list. There are a lot of people who actually despise them. Having said that, I have personal experience with Bluehost because it is where I launched this blog. My only complaint was that I finally needed a faster server.

    But did I mention it was inexpensive? Bluehost offers 3 YEARS of hosting and a domain name for $99 USD. What other business can you legally run for three years for $100? Because it does not exist, you cannot.

    These promotional offers, like those of the other hosts, will expire, and prices will rise (so consider locking in the 3-year plan). Yet, 3 years for $100 is something a broke adolescent could easily save up and start their blogging career with. It’s a great deal.

    5. NameCheap

    Best WordPress Hosting Reddit

    Personally, I believe NameCheap is underappreciated in the web hosting world. I’ve only ever used them for domain registration, but they’ve always done an excellent job at a reasonable cost. And their WordPress hosting plans are incredibly inexpensive. It’s a terrific value to pay $9 per month for 50GB of storage, a CDN, SSL, and up to 200,000 visitors. That is not something you will quickly outgrow.

    There is also no exorbitant upcharge if you outgrow it. It costs only $14 per month for up to 500k monthly pageviews. Very few blogs ever reach that level.

    6. Kinsta

    We’re now moving on to more pricey premium hosting. Kinsta is a lightning-fast host based on Google’s cloud architecture. And, as previously stated, a design that makes use of Google’s Load Balancer will be faster than other hosting solutions.

    But, there is a significant markup with Kinsta hosting. To host this blog, I set up the Google Cloud Platform myself. I have a load balancer, a 30GB SSD, and a Standard CPU instance that costs me roughly $50 per month. And for that amount, it can process over a million transactions every month.

    The apparent disadvantage of setting up the Google Cloud platform yourself is that you will have to deal with all of the technical issues yourself. If you’re not a software developer like me, Kinsta is probably the better alternative to just getting rid of all your headaches for a somewhat higher price.

    7. WP-Engine

    Personally, I’m not a fan of WP-pricing Engine’s structure. Mostly because the Google Cloud Platform is more expensive at $63/m, and they only provide 75,000 visits for that fee. They don’t even say how much it would cost if you got 100-500k pageviews!!!

    That’s a no-go for me. Nonetheless, many individuals swear by it. They claim to be a good host with fast speeds who never have to think about anything. Nevertheless, I suppose, in comparison to running any other business, running a blog with this plan is still rather inexpensive.

    Should You Use a Third-Party Host? (Like Medium, Blogger, etc.)

    The gist of it is that if all traffic and links are directed to rather than, you will never gain domain authority on your own site. This leaves you at the mercy of a third-party provider (in this case Medium). For example, if Medium decided to cease paying you, you would be out of options.

    Nevertheless, if you must use something like Medium, be sure you can configure it to utilize your own domain. At the very least, if you obtain backlinks, they will point to, allowing you to swap hosts.

    Is Shared Hosting OK for Google?

    Many people are concerned that using a shared server may harm their Google rating. They are concerned that the site may have a “bad site” on the IP address or be extremely slow. Both of these fallacies have been addressed directly by John Mueller. While shared hosting may be slow, this is tested, and as long as your website passes essential web vitals, I wouldn’t be concerned.

    When Is It Time to Upgrade to Premium Hosting?

    Your low-cost host can most likely manage tens of thousands of pageviews each month before it becomes a problem. It took me three years to reach that amount of traffic. Thus you can get away with cheap hosting for a long time.