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Best Cloud Hosting Providers for WordPress Sites in 2023

    Have you noticed a change in the amount of traffic to your WordPress website? We examined the best Cloud Hosting Providers for WordPress Sites in 2023 and created a list of our top seven. They’re all fantastic options for buyers regardless of their financial situation.

    They all have a few traits: they’re all managed hosting providers, so they’ll take care of the technical details while you concentrate on your website and business; they’re all WordPress-optimized; and they all provide free SSD storage and SSL certificates.

    Each additionally has a unique feature that sets it apart from the competition.

    Which of these hosts fits you the best? That depends largely on the specific needs you have for WordPress cloud hosting.

    4 Best Cloud Hosting Providers for WordPress Sites in 2023

    1. Cloudways

    Best Cloud Hosting Providers for WordPress Sites

    According to the data, Cloudways is the best cloud hosting provider for WordPress users. One thing to keep in mind is that Cloudways does not supply the actual cloud infrastructure. Cloudways, on the other hand, is a managed hosting service built on top of your choice of cloud hosting from one of five providers:

    • DigitalOcean
    • Linode
    • Vultr
    • Google Cloud
    • AWS

    However, you should never interact directly with the cloud hosting provider (nor do you get root access). Instead, Cloudways will handle everything, and you will be able to manage your servers and apps from a simple interface.

    Cloudways cost is determined by the provider and specifications you select. Normally, you’ll spend roughly double what you would for an unmanaged VPS if you signed up directly with the provider, however, this ratio reduces as you move up in power.

    2. GridPane / SpinupWP / RunCloud

    Best Cloud Hosting Providers for WordPress Sites

    GridPane, SpinupWP, and RunCloud are all distinct services, but I’ve grouped them together in their own area for a reason that will become evident in a moment.

    All three tools are an intriguing new option that sits between managed and unmanaged cloud hosting:

    You will sign up directly with a cloud hosting provider using these tools, such as DigitalOcean, Vultr, Linode, Google Cloud, AWS, and others. You’ll still get that “blank slate” from cloud hosting providers.

    Once you have that blank slate, the server management panel will handle configuring all of the technologies required to host WordPress. It will set up PHP, MariaDB, Nginx, and other services. It will even configure server-level caching for you.

    In this regard, these tools are similar to Cloudways. The important difference, which developers will appreciate, is that you retain full root access to your underlying cloud VPS. Furthermore, you can stop paying for the service and your hosting will continue to function (albeit you will lose the maintenance features).

    These tools are a little more complex than, say, Cloudways. They are, however, still limited to non-developers. For example, despite the fact that I am not a developer, I have been successfully hosting sites on SpinupWP for over a year.

    Here’s what it looks like – not too scary, right?

    This type of tool is becoming increasingly popular. But, I believe the three greatest solutions for WordPress users are:

    • SpinupWP – offers an easy-to-use interface and a robust feature set.
    • GridPane – has a fantastic feature set with a plethora of handy features (including staging). I don’t think the interface is particularly user-friendly, but it’s perfectly functional.
    • RunCloud is not particular to WordPress (it works with any PHP program), but it offers a plethora of WordPress-specific functionality. Also the least expensive choice.

    The majority of developers appear to prefer GridPane. But, as a non-developer, I prefer SpinupWP because of its user-friendly interface (albeit it lacks the functionality of GridPane).

    In terms of pricing, you’ll need to pay a monthly charge to your selected server control panel, as well as pay the cloud provider directly for your servers. In general, Cloudways is less expensive if you simply require a single modest server.

    All of these tools are cheaper if you require a powerful server and/or intend to use several servers.

    3. SiteGround

    Best Cloud Hosting Providers for WordPress Sites

    SiteGround is a well-known WordPress host, well known for its shared hosting services. In fact, SiteGround received the second-highest overall ranking of any company on our list of the best WordPress hosting.

    In addition to those low-cost shared plans, SiteGround provides scalable cloud hosting for WordPress customers.

    4. Liquid Web

    Best Cloud Hosting Providers for WordPress Sites

    Liquid Web is a well-known hosting service with a variety of plans, including several WordPress-specific options such as a managed WordPress plan and a dedicated WooCommerce plan (with some really interesting features).

    If you don’t want to use managed WordPress hosting, Liquid Web also offers cloud VPS hosting plans with three degrees of management:

    • Self-managed – You are in charge of everything if you are self-managed.
    • Core-managed – Liquid Web works with both the base operating system and Apache.
    • Fully-Managed – features a user-friendly control panel (for example, cPanel) as well as complete support for all control panel services.

    If you’re not a techie, you should absolutely go with one of the fully-managed alternatives.

    What’s the Best Cloud Hosting for WordPress in 2023

    To wrap things off, here are some suggestions for selecting the best cloud hosting.

    The Greatest Overall Choice

    Cloudways is the top cloud hosting provider for the majority of WordPress users. Cloudways enables you to use the greatest cloud hostings providers such as DigitalOcean, Vultr, AWS, and others. Nonetheless, it is quite user-friendly and does not necessitate any significant technical skills.

    While it is slightly more complicated than regular managed WordPress hosting, even non-technical users should be able to launch or migrate a WordPress site easily. You’ll also get useful tools like as staging locations and automatic backups.

    Basically, if you don’t know where to begin, this is the place to start.

    I advise the cheapest $10 per month DigitalOcean box if you’re on a tight budget. If you’re ready to pay a few dollars more per month, consider the newly launched Vultr high-frequency options, which start at $13 per month.

    A Fantastic Choice for More Experienced Users

    If you’re a more sophisticated user, I think SpinupWP and GridPane are particularly appealing for allowing you to use plans from any provider.

    While these tools may necessitate some technical knowledge, you do not need to be a developer to use them, and they are far easier to use than unmanaged cloud hosting.

    I don’t think you’ll find a more economical option to host a large number of websites and/or a powerful server.

    Personally, I believe SpinupWP is the greatest solution for non-developers, but GridPane may be preferred by developers.

    The same advice applies to cloud hosting as it does to Cloudways. If you’re on a tight budget, the cheap DigitalOcean droplets are a fantastic option. You might also use the Vultr high-frequency plans for a little extra performance.

    FAQ Best Cloud Hosting Providers for WordPress Sites in 2023

    Why is it better to have hosting optimized for WordPress?

    Complicated WordPress sites with expensive themes and a large number of plugins might be slow on a standard host. When you select a cloud hosting service that claims to be WordPress-optimized, you should receive a web hosting software platform created exclusively for WordPress, as well as expert assistance to assist you with any specific concerns.

    Check out our list of the finest web hosting services in 2023 to see if another sort of hosting may be more suitable for you.

    Which is the cheapest hosting service?

    Some of the most economical cloud-based managed WordPress hosting is available from SiteGround. If you only need the basics from your WordPress cloud hosting provider, this is a great option.

    If you want to cut your expenditures even further, you can find some excellent bargains on our coupon page.


    When it comes to creating your WordPress site, selecting the correct web host is important.

    Various WordPress hosting providers offer various pricing levels, extra services, and types of WordPress hosting. To choose the supplier that best meets your specific needs, you must first understand your priorities, level of expertise, and budget.

    Take the time to define your criteria and do an in-depth assessment of select prospects who tick all of your boxes. It will undoubtedly be worthwhile in the long term to ensure the success, health, and security of your WordPress site.


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